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Nashville Strong

As some of you may know, I am Ohio born and bred, but I spent a couple of the best years of my life in Nashville, TN while pursuing my undergraduate degree at Belmont University.

That time in my life is so special to me. I finished degree and had some of the greatest experiences. I met some of the most amazing humans there and made some of the best lifelong friends that a girl could ask for. It was the place where I found myself and really came into my own.

Nashville will always be home to me.

Yesterday morning a horrific act of what can only be described as terrorism happened in Music City. Some one for some reason decided to set off a bomb on 2nd Avenue. It destroyed buildings and businesses and it displaced residents from their homes.

Thankfully due to the quick thinking of first responders the damage to human life was minimized.

If you have ever been to Nashville, 2nd Avenue is a big part of the tourist district. I walked that street so many times in my years there venturing in and out of bars, restaurants, and shops.

The thought of what thr damage could have looked like had it occurred at a different time of day makes me ill.

It makes me sad that someone believed that they had the right to damage, break, and destroy what was not theirs. It makes my heart heavy to acknowledge that kind of evil in this world. These kinds of acts can never be justifiable.

My heart is with that Southern city.

I mourn with Nashville for the damage and heinous act that was perpetrated yesterday morning.

I loved my time living in Nashville and I would move back given the chance. I love the place and the people and my time there. I will always claim it as “home” to me.

Nashville, you’re strong and resilient.

We are all praying for you.