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Speak Up and Speak Out

A stapler. A piece of paper. Staples. Basic office supplies, right? Now imagine you sent your child to school only to have them come home with a note to you that had been stapled to their head. I bet you would be pretty pissed off. Now imagine you were then told by the superintendent that… Continue reading Speak Up and Speak Out

You Need to Do Better

The teacher’s aide involved STAPLED a note to the head of the child involved. Read that again. She stapled a piece of paper to the skin of A CHILD because he forgot a water bottle at home. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? As if that wasn’t enough, the punishment didn’t fit the crime, friends. The aide… Continue reading You Need to Do Better

Worry vs Wonder

I am a natural worrier. I can think, rethink, and worry out every single scenario possible. Becoming a parent only amplified that. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I worried. Every single twinge and ache and sensation worried me. I scoured the pregnancy books to calm myself and prepare for what was… Continue reading Worry vs Wonder

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