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Speak Up and Speak Out

A stapler. A piece of paper. Staples. Basic office supplies, right? Now imagine you sent your child to school only to have them come home with a note to you that had been stapled to their head. I bet you would be pretty pissed off. Now imagine you were then told by the superintendent that… Continue reading Speak Up and Speak Out

You Need to Do Better

The teacher’s aide involved STAPLED a note to the head of the child involved. Read that again. She stapled a piece of paper to the skin of A CHILD because he forgot a water bottle at home. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? As if that wasn’t enough, the punishment didn’t fit the crime, friends. The aide… Continue reading You Need to Do Better

Worry vs Wonder

I am a natural worrier. I can think, rethink, and worry out every single scenario possible. Becoming a parent only amplified that. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I worried. Every single twinge and ache and sensation worried me. I scoured the pregnancy books to calm myself and prepare for what was… Continue reading Worry vs Wonder

The Content of Character

I sat down to write a blog post today. It was meant to be about the new year and resolutions and changes. I have tried to be more organized in this new year. I want to be focused and wrote in my planner to sit down and write that post today. But, today I can’t.… Continue reading The Content of Character

The Hindsight of 2020

Here we are. It is another New Year’s Eve. 2020 is finally coming to an end and we are preparing to turn a page into the next year. On this night last year, we celebrated with friends and proclaimed that this would be our year. Spoiler Alert: It Wasn’t. 2020 wasn’t the best of times,… Continue reading The Hindsight of 2020

Nashville Strong

As some of you may know, I am Ohio born and bred, but I spent a couple of the best years of my life in Nashville, TN while pursuing my undergraduate degree at Belmont University. That time in my life is so special to me. I finished degree and had some of the greatest experiences.… Continue reading Nashville Strong

The Why Behind I

I have always been a lover of the written word. I love to read and I love to write. I spent my college years studying communication and the art of crafting it. Post college graduation I ended up stuck in a job I hated that was the furthest thing from creative. I still read, but… Continue reading The Why Behind I

When There Are No Words

This blog has been quiet lately. It hasn’t been because I’ve forgotten about it or abandoned it. I simply haven’t been able to find the words. Things in our world seem so heavy. There are literally cities burning. There is social unrest and passionate pleas for justice. There is COVID. There is a disturbing, disappointing,… Continue reading When There Are No Words


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