Be the Kind One

My husband and I tell my kids they can be anything that they choose to be. 

If they can dream it, they can do it.

We want to them to embrace who they are and not allow their peers or society to make them feel that they have to conform into any little box. 

They can be astronauts or first responders or rock stars or artists or dreamers. They can be anything that they choose to set their minds to. 


There is one thing that they cannot be. 

They cannot be unkind.

We teach them to embrace their differences and the differences of others.

We don’t all look alike or think alike or feel alike.

We have different beliefs and different values.

We teach them that what makes us different and diverse is what makes this world a beautiful and special place.

We need the dreamers and the doers and the tender hearts.

Everyone has something to contribute and we all deserve a place at the table.

We teach them to go ahead and march to that different beat. Do their own thing, but understand that others are doing the same. 

We teach them that understanding and kindness aren’t negotiable.

Because in a world where you can choose to be or do anything, it will never ever, ever be wrong to choose kind.

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