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I’m Feeling ‘22

Here we are— another New Year’s Eve. It feels like I just sat down to reflect on the year that was 2020.

After a year that was long and hard, 2021 seemed to move at a faster pace. The world began to reopen. Life began to resume. Things felt more like, dare I say, normal, even if they weren’t.

We laughed. We played. We traveled. We welcomed new ones, welcomed back loved ones, and mourned as a others were welcomed to their eternal home.

The wheel of life kept rolling on.

The children grew in ways I did and didn’t see coming. They found new passions in things they learned and things they did. They climbed mountains and conquered challenges. They made new friends, tried new things, and throughout it all they maintained their spirits and their laughter sustained me.

My husband and I celebrated 14 years together in this adventure we call life. We continue to laugh and love and hold on to each other. Life is less scary when because I’ve got someone by my side who sees the real me and is still willing to hold my hand.

I took the lessons of 2020 and focused in 2021 on who and what is important to me.

There is only so much time in this life and I choose to spend mine in ways that matter to me.

I volunteered where I felt called.

I learned to say no and do so without guilt.

I made new friends and grew older with the old.

I shared— my heart, my feelings, my ideas, my words.

I learned it is okay to walk away from relationships or commitments that no longer grow me in positive ways.

I don’t know what it is about New Year’s Eve, but it makes us feel like there is a fresh start ahead.

In reality, aside from the calendar changing, not much else does. Yet every year this night comes with a promise of hope and feeling that a blank slate is stretched out in front of all of us.

The world begins again tonight and anything, yes, anything is possible.

I hope the year ahead brings more joy and less tears.

I hope the hard lessons of the past two years never leave us, but grow us and continue to remind us what is precious.

I hope we all never stop learning, loving, and laughing our way through our days.

I hope that somewhere in this year ahead, we all find or do or make something that brings us joy.

I hope that we are all here this time next year to reflect on the year that was.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling ‘22.

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