Vacation Had to Get Away

Last week, my little family and I escaped out state. We got out of Dodge. I am not even going to lie about how incredibly nice it was to stare at something other than the same four walls of my house.

We took a week long trip to Tybee Island, Georgia last summer and fell in love with it. Shortly after we got home we booked another trip for this summer. The past few months we debated back and forth whether or not to go. I spent weeks watching the COVID numbers and what the area of Georgia we were headed to looked like. We decided to go for it.

And you know what?

It was the best possible thing for our family. We spent a whole week being beach bums. We would wake up go to the beach, break for lunch, beach again, and break for dinner. The kids had the best time. Between building sandcastles and taking turns burying each other in the sand, they enjoyed they waves.

They did some body surfing and even talked me into trying it. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t a success. The first way knocked me under and my sunglasses were paid as tribute to the ocean. Thankfully Josh did not have the camera ready and zero footage exists of what Emma says was the most hilarious thing ever.

We all got amazing tans and ate way too much ice cream and slept in and napped and laughed so, so much together. And then we came back to Ohio and all lived happily ever after.

But you want to know something else?

When we went to Tybee last year Josh spent 90% of his beach time chasing Wyat. Wy couldn’t relax and enjoy it and in some ways, neither could Josh or I.

This year was way different. He willingly engaged with his siblings. He was able to sit in the sand for long periods of time and play and build. He didn’t run without abandon or caution into the surf.

It was a clear signal to me that even in the stress of the last few months with delays and cancellations in therapies for his autism, we are making progress! So much progress! The occupational therapy is working. The speech therapy is definitely working.

There was a moment where Wyat grabbed Emma’s and walked with her to the edge of the ocean. They stood there together staring out at the surf. It is a vision I will hold in my heart forever. It was a beautiful sight- my oldest and my youngest standing there together as if they were contemplating all that was before them.

That moment wasn’t possible a year ago or even six months ago. But that moment, it will live on for me. It will forever be a reminder to me about hard work and pushing through. It will be a reminder to never ever give up hope just because you aren’t there yet.

Yet will come soon enough.

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