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It Starts At Home

We need to stop clutching our pearls and feigning surprise. We need to be a bit introspective and look within ourselves. Children learn what they live and it starts at home
Just take a gander through comments on social media posts– the way adults are speaking to each other is disgusting. We are living in the age of the keyboard warrior. It should be of little surprise that our children are watching and modeling our behavior.

Where Are You Then?

Back to school is in full swing this year. Things are looking and feeling a little bit normal. Our school district opted to begin the year with masks optional in the buildings. While I had mixed feelings about that, I was confident the administration had the best interest of all the students at heart and… Continue reading Where Are You Then?

It’s In That…

It is hard to believe it is mid-August. It is harder to believe that the return to school is just around the corner. Back to school is full of wonder and worry for both parents and children alike. I love the promise of the coming school year and I love the growth I see in… Continue reading It’s In That…

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